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Locate Phone (GPS)

Think you left your phone at the restaurant? Or did it drop out of your pocket in the cab? No worries and no more running all around town desperately trying to find it. Mobile Recovery uses GPS technology to give you turn-by-turn directions to exactly where you left it. But what if your phone was off or ran out of juice?  Mobile Recovery saves previous locations so you can quickly track the last known location.

Phone Location On A Map

To find your phone's latest location:

  • Login to with your phone number and PIN
  • Click the 'Locate Phone' button at the top of the page to update your phone's location
  • If you need turn-by-turn directions, enter your current location into the 'From Address' box and click 'Go'

Remember - safety first. Asurion strongly recommends you do not attempt to retrieve your device from any location that is not safe, you do not recognize or is not familiar to you.  If you believe your device has been stolen or is in an unsafe or unfamiliar location, you should contact your local law enforcement.

Customize Location Check Interval

GPS Settings ScreenshotMobile Recovery will save your phone's locations online so you
can locate your phone if it is lost or powered off. Although the Mobile Recovery application uses sophisticated logic to minimize the impact on a phone's battery life, more frequent location checks will utilize a greater amount of battery power.

To customize your location interval and storage settings:

  • Launch the Mobile Recovery application from your phone
  • Click the ‘Settings’ button from the Main Menu
  • Click ‘Location Interval’ and set your location check timing

You may also set a level that if your battery falls below, for example 10% battery remaining, Mobile Recovery will no longer perform GPS checks to conserve battery level, as well as disable
location checks if you wish.

Locate Phone With Alarm
If your phone is hiding nearby, use the Locate Phone with Alarm feature.

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