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Download Instructions
Download Mobile Recovery and the peace-of-mind knowing your privacy is secure and your data is protected. Installation and setup takes just a few minutes.

Note: You must be a Verizon Wireless Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) subscriber to use
Mobile Recovery, unauthorized users will be removed from the service shortly after download. If you are a TEC subscriber, continue below. If you'd like to learn more about Total Equipment
Coverage, click here .

Step 1 - Select Your Mobile Phone Type   (What's my mobile phone type?)


Step 2 - Get "Media Center"

  • On the main menu of your mobile phone, choose "Media Center".

    Note: Mobile Recovery is available to all Verizon Wireless BREW MP subscribers, and does not
    require a TEC subscription.

Step 3 - Install Mobile Recovery
  • Click on the download link in the SMS.

  • During installation, you may be given a screen that says "For security, your phone is set to block
      installation of applications not sourced in the Android Market". Click "Settings" and check allow
      "Unknown Sources".

  • To get back to the downloaded app, click the Back button or go to the Browser -> Menu button
       -> More -> Downloads

  • Go through setup!

  • Click on the download link in the SMS.

  • After installing, you may be asked to grant the application "Trusted Application Status", select Yes.

  • Your phone will require an automatic reboot after install before the application will work.

  • After phone reset, locate the application icon (usually in the "Downloads" folder), and click to set up
      the application.

  • Click on the download link in the SMS.

  • Your phone will be directed to the Palm MR product catalog page, where you need to select

  • Once Mobile Recovery has downloaded, launch the application.

  • Once your handset's browser launches, select "Open" to continue.

  • Mobile Recovery will begin installing on your handset. An option may appear allowing you to
      store Mobile Recovery on the "Device" or in "My Storage". Select "Device" and select Continue,
      Install or OK.

  • Once Installation is complete, Mobile Recovery will launch and begin the setup process.

  • Click the download link in the text message to begin the download process.

  • The Mobile Recovery for iPhone page opens in the App Store.

  • Click the Free button and Install.

  • Go through setup!

  • Go to "Browse & Downloads" and select "Get New Applications" or "Shop Applications".

  • Then go to "More Apps" and choose the Mobile Recovery application.

Step 4 - Create Your Mobile Recovery Account From Your Phone

Begin Setup!.

Launch the Mobile Recovery on your phone and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Enter an email address and create a PIN you will remember. You will use your phone number and PIN to log into

View Mobile Recovery setup details

Getting Started Tips:

From the Main menu, you can set how ofter Mobile Recovery will check your phone's location and save it online

After sounding an alarm from the Mobile Recovery website, you can disable the alarm by pressing the 'Stop Alarm' button on your phone.

After locking your phone from the Mobile Recovery website, you can unlock your phone with your Mobile Recovery PIN.

Enabling GPS

You must enable GPS on your phone to use the Locate Phone feature. To enable GPS:
 - On your phone, go to Settings - > Location and security - > Use wireless networks & Use GPS satellite

 - On your phone, go to Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS set to Location On

 - On your phone's primary menu bar, select the "launcher" or up arrow to bring up all applications.
 - Select the "Location Services" or compass icon.
 - Within the location services card, please ensure that the Auto Locate switch is in the ON position.
 - From the same screen, select "preferences" (upper left) / "Locate me using..." and ensure that
   "GPS" & "Google Services" are both checked.

(HTC) Settings - > Communications - > Phone - > CDMA Services (TAB at the Bottom) -> Location
Setting - > Get Settings - > Location On

(Samsung) Settings - > Phone - > Services - > GPS - > Change Settings - > Location On

Setting Location Interval

You may customize how often you would like Mobile Recovery to check your phone's location. To
customize your location interval:
 - Launch Mobile Recovery on your phone and go to Settings -> Location Interval

Note: In the event you have lost or misplaced your mobile phone, please remember that Mobile Recovery
features will not work if your phone service has been suspended.

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